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Introducing the new OG Group Content Module

I've just released the OG Group Content module https://www.drupal.org/project/og_groupcontent on drupal.org. Here is the description of the module from drupal.org:

"The OG Group Content module creates all the basic popular content types often used in a group setting, blogs, wikis, events, polls, announcements and creates with very little configuration a nice looking framework for your organic groups. There are even special types of blogs for instructors, and there is a syllabi content type available. There is also a nice calendar which displays events or syllabi if those content types are used. If you don't want to use a content type, not a problem, you can pick and choose which ones you want to use on the site."

Here is my .vimrc file for mvim

Here is my .vimrc file for mvim, in particular I don't want to forget how to configure Syntastic for Drupal syntax checking in drupal.  If you type in "phpcs -i" you can verify that the drupal sniffer is setup and available.  The output on my screen from phpcs -i is "The installed coding standards are Drupal, MySource, PEAR, PHPCS, PSR1, PSR2, Squiz and Zend"

What to do if your Drupal site gets attacked by spammers and Black Hat SEO

So your site is being attacked with lots of spam user registrations and comments, and even nodes, what should you do.

1.)  Install the Mollom module

   -- configure mollum by going to the mollum website http://mollom.com/ and get your free api keys.  You can get a paid account for larger corporate sites.

Droogle for Drupal 7 Released Integrating Google Drive and Drupal

Droogle for Drupal 7 was just released and supports Google Drive features and folder level support. http://drupal.org/project/Droogle Droogle is a project I've authored that is sponsored by Babson College, and integrates Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) with Drupal. There is now both a Drupal 6 and a Drupal 7 version available. Folders are now displayed -- out of the box the css supports up to 5 levels of folders, the php supports infinite levels, and the css could easily extend to support more levels.

JABBER module for drupal is now released

Jabber integrates Drupal with XMPP (jabber) chat. The module enables it so any username anywhere on the site will turn green, grey or red reflecting their jabber status. The module integrates your roster with Organic Groups, and your regular instant messenger roster list. The module preserves chats, and chat history between your drupal page loads. The readme is below.

Run a drush command on all of your sites in a multisite

Drush is of course the best way to manage your site, and here at Babson College we are utilizing multi-sites on the Acquia Cloud. These commands greatly simplify our account management across these many sites:

To run a drush command on all of your sites in a multisite

go to your drupal root directory ie: /var/www/html/babsondev/docroot

and then run

drush @sites user-create testuser
drush @sites user-password someuser --password="gr3@tP@$s"

this will create a user on all of your sites. To get a site list you can do

db_query in drupal .... creating sql queries the drupal way (Drupal 6)

good drupal.org documentation is here: http://drupal.org/node/101496 getting a single value: use db_result

This sites Drupal 7 wiki page for creating Drupal 7 queries is here: http://www.barnettech.com/content/dbquery-drupal-7

$result=db_result(db_query('Select uid from {users} where uid = %d',5));

getting multiple rows: use db_query

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